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How is the mattress fabric industry market

Update:26 Aug
Mattress fabric industry market research report is to use scientific methods to purposefully and systematically collect, record and organize relevant market information and materials of mattress fabric industry, analyze the market situation of mattress fabric industry, and understand the market situation of mattress fabric industry. The status quo and its development trend provide objective and correct information for the investment decision or marketing decision of the mattress fabric industry.
The contents of the mattress fabric industry market survey report include: market environment survey of mattress fabric industry, including policy environment, economic environment, social and cultural environment survey; survey of the basic market conditions of mattress fabric industry, mainly including market norms, overall demand volume, market trends, market share in the same industry, etc.; there is a sales possibility survey, including the number and demand of existing and potential users, the changing trend of market demand, and the market share of the company's competitors' products in the market , the possibility and specific ways of expanding sales, etc. It also includes investigations on consumers and consumer demand in the mattress fabric industry, corporate products, product prices, social and natural factors that affect sales, and sales channels.

The mattress fabric industry market research report adopts two research methods: direct investigation and indirect investigation:
1) Direct investigation method. Through direct telephone exchanges and in-depth interviews with major domestic and foreign manufacturers, traders, downstream demand manufacturers and related institutions in the mattress fabric industry in major regions, the original data and materials in the mattress fabric industry related product market were obtained.
2) Indirect investigation method. Make full use of various resources, as well as historical data and second-hand data, to obtain relevant information and dynamic data about China's mattress fabric industry in a timely manner.
Mattress fabric industry market research report Through certain scientific methods to understand and grasp the market, collect, organize and analyze the mattress fabric industry market information in the investigation activities, master the laws and trends of the development and changes of the mattress fabric industry market, and serve the enterprise Market forecasting and decision-making in the mattress fabric industry by investors/investors provides reliable data and information to help companies/investors establish correct development strategies.

All-polyester fabric is an important variety of synthetic fibers, and is the trade name of polyester fibers in my country. It is a fiber-forming high polymer prepared from purified terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) through esterification or transesterification and polycondensation reaction— - Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), fibers made by spinning and post-processing.

The advantages of all polyester fabrics
1. The degree of damage to the polyester fabric by acid and alkali is not large, and the polyester fabric is not afraid of mildew and insects.
2. Polyester fabric is the best heat-resistant fabric among synthetic fabrics, and has thermoplasticity.
3. The polyester fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it has the characteristics of firmness and durability, wrinkle resistance and no ironing.
4. The all-polyester fabric has good light fastness, and its light fastness is better than that of natural fiber fabrics, and it is on an equal footing with acrylic fabrics.

Disadvantages of mattress fabric Manufacturers polyester fabrics
1. The hygroscopicity of all-polyester fabrics is poor, so all-polyester clothing will feel hot, electrostatically charged, infected with dust, and affect the beauty and comfort; but after cleaning, the wet strength hardly decreases, and it does not deform, and it has excellent durability. wear function.
2. The dyeability of all polyester fabrics is poor. Because there is no specific dyeing gene on the polyester molecular chain and the polarity is small, dyeing is difficult, the dyeability is poor, and the dye molecules are not easy to enter the fiber. However, the color fastness after dyeing is excellent, and it is not easy to fade.
3. All-polyester fabric is a kind of synthetic fiber commodity, and all synthetic fiber fabrics will be prone to pilling, so products made of all-polyester fabric will have pilling after a period of use. Phenomenon.
4. The anti-melting property of polyester fabric is poor. In case of inflammable objects such as sparks and soot, it will easily form holes. Therefore, direct contact with objects such as cigarette butts and sparks should be avoided as much as possible when wearing.

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