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Mattresses are usually made of woven fabrics, known as damask

Update:22 Sep
Mattress manufacturers often aim to communicate a story or aesthetic sense through the fabric they use. While traditional florals are fading from their designs, bold patterns are still thriving.

Mattresses are usually made of woven fabrics, known as damask. While it originated in Belgium, damask fabrics today are produced around the world. Most fabric used for mattress covers is produced in Europe, but some is also made in India or Malaysia. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, ticking can come in a variety of colors and patterns, making it possible to find a fabric that reflects your style and preferences.

As time went by, manufacturers began to add antiviral properties to mattress covers. These treatments include woven, flocked, and knit fabrics. For instance, woven fabric is typically softer and pliable, while knits are firm and flexible. Knits can be made to mimic the look and feel of wovens and work well with specific quilting designs.

Another type of fabric is silk. Made of the strongest natural fiber, silk has many benefits for human health. It regulates body temperature and prevents the buildup of dirt. It is also breathable and fire resistant.

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