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The Importance of Mattress Fabric

Update:16 Sep
Mattress fabrics are an important part of the mattress design. These fabrics tell a story on the sales floor and help convey the brand's aesthetic style and functional benefits. Fabrics can be either neutral or luxurious, and they can also communicate functionality or naturalness. Some fabric suppliers use fabric collections as jumping off points for a new line.

The fabric also plays a major role in temperature regulation and breathability. Natural fibers have better temperature regulation properties than synthetic fibers. Some fabrics use special additives to help regulate temperature and moisture. The best fabrics are made of high-quality woven and knit materials. These materials allow the underlying layers to function properly.

Mattress fabric is also important for preserving the shape of the mattress. It also protects the mattress's materials from ultraviolet rays, ozone, and solvents. It helps keep the mattress in its original shape and prevents it from becoming worn or ripped by heavy use. Further, it protects the materials from oxidation, degradation, and light exposure.

There are a range of specialist fabrics for mattresses. These include those for climate control, such as Coolmax, Outlast, and Climasmart, as well as those made from natural fibres such as cotton, merino wool, and bamboo. These materials have unique qualities that make them ideal for mattresses.

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